Born in New York City and raised in Hollywood, I began my rich and diverse career as a photojournalist for the LA Times, and eventually a feature writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, documenting writers like Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski, artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Chuck Close, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and eventually a homeless woman who would have a major impact on my life. I was the first female DJ on KPRI, San Diego’s #1 fm station, where I introduced “Culture Shock, a six-minute magazine of the air.” I then joined KWST, a new LA station, as news director and producer-host of “Off the Record”, where I interviewed John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, Jane Fonda, and many more socio-political and cultural movers and shakers. In 1987, I relocated to Amsterdam, the Netherlands as Managing Editor of Master Chef, an international culinary journal. In 1988, I joined KPMG as Manager of Internal Communications. In 1990, I started my own editorial office, and for the next decade worked with KLM, Heineken, and Mexx, where I created campaigns and copy, “Role Models, Not Fashion Models”, and “Real Clothing for Real People”.

These days I divide my time between writing (articles, song lyrics, children’s books and more), taking portraits, and performing my poetry and spoken word text.  I work as a ”song doctor” with young and established musicians looking to improve and enhance their lyrics, as well as co-writing assignments. I am a regular correspondent to All About Jazz, and hold a part-time teaching position at The New School for Marketing & Communication, in Creative & Professional Writing.