In 2004, my composition Rembrandt’s Town was sung on national television by Fridolijn van Poll, in front of the renowned painter’s childhood home in Leiden. In recent years I have been working closely as a song doctor/coach with aspiring (and established) singer-songwriters who are not native English speakers, and wish to improve and revise their lyrics, in addition to their ability to tell stories musically, and pronounce the English words optimally. I have an hourly rate, with a one-hour minimum, and I am also available for co-writing projects.

Please contact me for further information. See discography for a listing of albums featuring my lyrics and liner notes.

“Being the great lyricist that she is, Joan Gannij knows how to right away captivate one with her lyrics. Joan’s lines are deep, they’re intelligent and at times funny, or all that combined. I’m a true lyrics person, and Joan’s writing always goes straight to my heart, I love singing her lyrics. And it’s been a great pleasure to compose music for some of them as well. “You’re some demented angel from above… I don’t want to stop the madness of our love!”… BAM!”

Denise Jannah

“Over the years Joan has been of great help with my lyric writing. She is never afraid to join me in the depths of my soul to find the perfect translation of emotions and experiences into song lyrics. Her fearless and always open-hearted approach makes her a powerfully inspiring woman to work with.”

Fridolijn van Poll

“Joan made me rethink my lyrical choices by giving me a lot of useful ideas and explaining very clearly the often subtle difference between them. She’s very honest and an adventurous, creative storyteller. Joan made me do better, be better and I’ve grown so much as a songwriter ever since.”

Blackbird (Merel Koman)