“I recently completed both my Bachelor Degree thesis in Computer Science and my Master Degree thesis in Information Science. They were written in English, and Joan Gannij helped me with almost every sentence. Although my English is on an academic level, I preferred having an additional reader who was born and raised in an English-speaking country.
Even though this area of science does not fall within her expertise, Joan really made sure that she understood the meaning of each section. She is very patient, and has a sharp eye and ear. This was very important, since she was able to point out misplaced sentences and to clarify and compact other elements. When necessary, she will go over all your questions and suggestions, providing you with her experience and expertise. It really was a pleasure working with Joan!”

Naseya Weinchard

“Joan Gannij is such an inspiration and always ON. She knows how to trigger students to get the most out of themselves: regarding their English writing skills and sometimes also within other areas of their lives. For me personally, Joan has shown me how to get most out of life, no matter how old you are, where you are (physically or mentally) – always be professional and yet at the same time your powerful and vulnerable self.”

Carli Jager

“Joan Gannij is able to help you tackle your problems by simply listening and talking through the problem in order to find the right solution. She always makes time for you to see if she can help. I experienced Joan as a caring person who truly has your best interest at heart.”

Joris Pelle

“When thinking about the lessons I’ve followed from Joan Gannij, the first thing that pops up is that she is always eager to help students to become a better version of themselves. Secondly, she creates a safe place in the classroom where students feel comfortable.”

Emma Oudeman

“I have been inspired by her as a teacher, but mostly as a person. She sometimes seems to have the same young spirit as back when she was a radio DJ (!!!) in LA, which works really well to connect with creative students in their 20’s like myself. It keeps surprising me how much she knows about cool stuff before I do…”

Willem-Jan Ellinga

“I got referred to Joan by a dear friend to get help with my English before moving to Los Angeles from Holland. Her help has been tremendous, not only with English but getting a better understanding of the US and the film industry. Her insights and creative approach to learning and implementing the field I work in has been a huge help.”

Martin De Boer

Stunt Performer / Coordinator